Wind energy pays – our types of investment.

Investing in wind energy makes good environmental sense and is also commercially attractive. We work with you to create the right conditions for a profitable wind energy plant. We guarantee the greatest-possible transparency, and also take care of all the practical aspects involved in completing a turnkey project.

In doing so, we differentiate between two possible forms of investment:

Investing in established wind farm projects

You have the option of investing in wind energy plants that have already been built and are not exposed to any risks associated with the development, approval or commissioning of the wind farm. By the time you get involved, WindStrom has already successfully completed the entire project and negotiated all services and contracts, which means that you can acquire a complete package.

Investing in planned wind farm projects

If you want to invest in wind energy plants, perhaps as a landowner with a suitable plot of land, WindStrom gives you the opportunity to realise the project as a general contractor. From experience, we are familiar with all the necessary steps – from the planning stage to the handover of the turnkey wind farm – and take care of the various tasks at the right time. You are closely involved in your project from the very start and can help to shape it right up until the time of commissioning.


With both investment options, WindStrom offers to continue managing your project company on a long-term basis, thereby remaining jointly responsible for the ongoing stable operation of the wind farm.

Our employees consider all legal, technical and economic aspects to ensure that your decision to use wind energy turns into a long-term investment.


You benefit from …

  • more than 25 years’ experience – from project development to turnkey construction 
  • a professional network for all services and contracts, including finance
  • cooperation with only well-known manufacturers
  • our internal due diligence process, which all our projects undergo
  • swift, secure and transparent processing
  • our proximity to you