Project development

ProjektentProject development

When it comes to building a wind energy plant, our interdisciplinary knowledge is invaluable. We have been involved in wind energy projects for two decades and take care of every single planning stage, focusing on all the necessary procedures, reports and other aspects, because this is how we lay the foundations for a successful project.


WindStrom services associated with project development:

  • Carrying out restriction analysis / identifying areas with wind potential
  • Creating a specific wind farm concept (locations, turbine type/height)
  • Securing the location
  • Overseeing survey management (wind, shadows, noise, avifauna, bats, etc.)
  • Performing approval procedures in line with emission control laws
  • Supervising municipal zoning
  • Planning and securing the grid connection (incl. substation where necessary)
  • Excavation planning (soil analysis, path and cable route planning)
  • Drawing up compensatory measures in line with nature protection laws
  • Repowering