Invest in a sustainable future.

Investing in wind energy plants is attractive in two ways. Firstly, given the plans to increase the amount of power generated by renewable energy sources as set out in the EEG, they are a source of reliable revenue. Secondly, investing in wind energy is an investment in the future which benefits the environment and accelerates the transformation of the energy system in Germany. This is something that has not only been recognised by the institutional investors, public utility companies and local authorities who are all getting involved in decentralised power generation.

A large proportion of wind energy plants in Germany are already in the hands of citizens. Landowners, energy cooperatives, community wind companies and committed private individuals are increasingly investing in wind as an alternative form of power generation.

Profitable future technology

WindStrom has been working with this environmentally friendly and profitable technology of the future for more than two decades. Our professionalism, experience and reliability provide the best basis for achieving long-term success in the wind energy sector and assisting our customers with all matters related to investing in wind energy plants.

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