A fresh wind in the community.

The idea of building wind energy plants as community wind farms emerged in Germany in the 1980s. The simple and attractive concept of actively involving local people in power generation has received a further boost as a result of the decision to transform the energy system.

Getting local people involved and giving them a say are key features of a community wind farm. The fact that people are investing in an environmentally sound project from which the entire region benefits and which also promises a reasonable return makes any involvement all the more interesting.

To increase acceptance within the community, it is essential to bring all parties – including landowners, residents, community representatives, already existing energy cooperatives, public utility companies, local banks, etc. – around the table so that frequently differing interests can be considered.

When planning such a community wind farm, it pays to have a reliable partner on hand from the start; a partner that has the necessary experience to realise projects of this nature. WindStrom has been operating in the market for more than 20 years – we know how to turn wind into power.

We ensure that all the necessary steps are carried out at the right time and also involve local partners in our community participation concept. By doing so, we are able to further increase the regional value added, for instance by bringing local planning and building companies on board.

We choose the most suitable type of wind energy plant, irrespective of the manufacturer, and oversee the entire construction period until the joint inspection and approval process with the community wind company. If so desired, commercial and technical management of the plant can be undertaken or organised locally.

With our experience, flexibility and proximity to all parties involved, we will turn the community wind farm into a sustainable and successful model of regional power generation and support the transformation of the energy system at local level with our knowledge.


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